New Stuff and more updates

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Well, I have been steadily adding things to the download area of the forum. And there is so much there for members to download, that I’m surprised that we don’t have more members join for that reason alone, lol. You know, it’s funny the things you can come across in your old computer CD’s when looking through them, lol. Years ago I made all sorts of tubes for PaintShop Pro and saved them to disk. I had forgotten all about them until I was creating the forum. I remembered back when I made all sorts of stuff for one of my old psp online groups. Tubes, jpg masks, tag backs, tag templates, brushes, seamless background tiles and so much more to name a few.

That was many years ago and my skills have somewhat improved since those days long ago. I am busy converting a lot of images I created years ago into better quality images for my forum members to use in there tag making.

And besides all that, I am even updating some of my other websites also, like my tag extras website. Over the years I have made literally hundreds (and maybe more) sets of tag extras and adding them all to my website;

I’ve been adding them in batches starting alphabetically. I think I’m about in the half way mark of being done right now. It’s funny how much you can get started making graphics and pretty soon you have folders and folders and folders and folders full of them, lol.

Anyway, that’s enough updating for today.
Thanks again for stopping by and hugs,

Lemon Fae tag by Mod Girl