This site was created specifically for signature tag makers who enjoy collecting tags, participating in tag challenges, tag tutorials, tag games, winning prizes, collecting personalized tags with there name on them and the many other things that taggers love to do.

Members who are also taggers can offer tags for request to other members whenever they like, can upload their own tag extras they make, and can learn more about making tags and making some tagging friends in the process. I mean, what’s not to like about that, right? lol. The forum is where this will all happen and I will get to that in a minute for first I wanted to let you know about my other sites too.

Besides this site, I own others as well. They are (in no particular order); Tag Extras, Mod Girl Tags, Mod Girl Crafts, Scrapbook Freebies and Paint Shop Pro Tubes.

Now, this site name is the same name as the online group I used to have called; “Taggers World”. And, since I no longer use any online groups, I thought (since I am a tagger myself and love making tags) that I would just create a new website with the same name of my old group, where signature tag collectors and signature tag makers could find me, lol.

So, thanks for stopping by and hugs,

Hold On tag by Mod Girl