New Tag Offers added to forum!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I added some new tag offers to the forum. These tag offers are only around for a week and then a new set of tag offers will take there place. I thought I would share the previews of my tag offers in case anyone might want to join the forum to request one of them. Here they are:

Banana Dog tag by Mod Girl Pink Hat tag by Mod Girl Haunted House tag by Mod Girl Lake House tag by Mod Girl Dark Fashion tag by Mod Girl


Thanks for stopping by and hugs, Mod Girl.

About the Forum tag challenges

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I just wanted to update you all on what’s going on in the forum.

I had to remove some members because they refused to participate in the forum. Leaving replies to topics, requesting tags, and saying “Thank You” does count as participation, so I am not sure why some people have such a hard time participating.

With that said, if you were removed from the forum and want to rejoin, you may ‘as long as’ you participate in the forum. You will have up to 24 hours after joining to participate in the forum or you will again be removed. If this keeps happening to you, it would be best not to try registering afterwards because after giving you 3 chances you will be banned from joining in the future.

I really hate to be that way but the whole reason for the forum is to participate by requesting tags when they are offered, doing the tag challenges or even saying thank you after you download something in the forum. And after you have posted and/or replied to posts for 3 times you will be considered a regular member and you’ll be able to download everything inside the forum. But, remember 3 posts or replies to posts will make you a regular member.

Now, about the tag challenges. Since (so far) there is only 2 members in the forum (myself included) I have decided to leave all the weekly tag challenges up instead of changing them each week. That’s because no one has actually done any of the tag challenges so far. So there is really no reason to remove them.

And did I mention that ANYONE who participates in any of the challenges will receive a new tag by me? Yup. So, not only do you have fun trying out a tag challenge, but you’ll also get a free gift just for participating.  What’s not to like about that? lol.

New Stuff and more updates

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Well, I have been steadily adding things to the download area of the forum. And there is so much there for members to download, that I’m surprised that we don’t have more members join for that reason alone, lol. You know, it’s funny the things you can come across in your old computer CD’s when looking through them, lol. Years ago I made all sorts of tubes for PaintShop Pro and saved them to disk. I had forgotten all about them until I was creating the forum. I remembered back when I made all sorts of stuff for one of my old psp online groups. Tubes, jpg masks, tag backs, tag templates, brushes, seamless background tiles and so much more to name a few.

That was many years ago and my skills have somewhat improved since those days long ago. I am busy converting a lot of images I created years ago into better quality images for my forum members to use in there tag making.

And besides all that, I am even updating some of my other websites also, like my tag extras website. Over the years I have made literally hundreds (and maybe more) sets of tag extras and adding them all to my website;

I’ve been adding them in batches starting alphabetically. I think I’m about in the half way mark of being done right now. It’s funny how much you can get started making graphics and pretty soon you have folders and folders and folders and folders full of them, lol.

Anyway, that’s enough updating for today.
Thanks again for stopping by and hugs,

Lemon Fae tag by Mod Girl

Forum getting full

So, I’ve been adding a lot of stuff to the forum lately. Just like today. I added 3 desktop wallpapers. Yup, I decided to crank out some desktop wallpapers, lol. And, I guess there really is a first time for everything. They were fun to make and I will probably make some more in the future but now I have to get busy on creating some tag tutorials to add to the forum.

I’m not really one of those people who enjoy creating tag tutorials. But to get more forum members to join the forum I will do what I can to make that happen. Most taggers I know like doing tag tuts. I myself never got into doing them because I can pretty much look at any tag these days and know right away how it was made. And, I could follow the tutorials and make them the same way if I wanted to, but then I’d have tags that looked like everyone else who did the same tag tuts and that’s something I don’t like.

When I make my tags I like for them to be original and not look like everyone else’s. That’s why I never follow tag tutorials myself. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t want my tags to look like other peoples tags. And I think that people who like collecting my tags appreciate that as well.

So, the forum is getting jammed pack full of stuff for forum members to download and stuff to keep them busy for awhile. The one thing that is lacking right now is MEMBERS. I’m in need of taggers AND tag lovers who enjoy collecting tags to join my forum. That’s not going to be an easy thing to do. I will have to think on that for awhile and see what I can do about it. And if you are here just passing by because you’re interested in signature tags, how about giving a girl a hand and tell others about my forum? I would really appreciate it!

Anyway. thanks for stopping by and hugs,

A few updates

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by!

I just wanted to give you an update of what’s going on over in the forum right now. I just added 7 new tag challenges to the forum. So far, the themes for all the tag challenges are; Animals, Celebrities, Fantasy, Flowers, Frames, Holiday’s, and People. I might be adding some more soon but that’s all I could think of on the spur of the moment, lol.

In the Taggers part of the forum I just added a few tag offers and below are a few previews of the tags that are for offer right now: